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Top 10 Reasons To Build Kit Homes

Written by admin on August 28, 2013
Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons to Build Kit Homes.

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Here are 10 Good Reasons to Build a Kit Home:

No.1 Affordability.

Kit Homes are extremely good value for money. Some external kits can start at as little as forty thousand dollars depending on the design you choose and how much work you are prepared to do yourself but the cost comparison against a traditional house is unbelievable.

No.2 Quality

No need to worry about the quality of your kit home as steel frames are reliable and secure, and manufactured with precision and accuracy. Interior finishes are of the highest quality and most people can’t tell the difference between a kit home and a traditional home once the house has been completed.

No.3 Fire Proof

Kit Homes do not burn the same way as traditional houses as they are made from steel frames, which are not flammable or combustible.

No.4 Short Construction Time

Kit Homes take less than 6 weeks to build in many cases. They are manufactured in a factory, flat-packed and come with detailed engineering plans and instruction manuals to make assembly as easy as possible.

No.5 Termite Proof

Steel framed kit homes are 100% termite and borer proof unlike traditional timber frames which is especially helpful in countries like Australia. This allows kit homes to be more flexible and they can be built anywhere.

No.6 Your Own Custom Design

You can choose an existing design as is or alter the design to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can fully custom design your own kit home. Let Westkey assist you, like many other clients over the years to alter designs to suit their exact family needs.Click here to see the full range of our kit home designs.

No.7 Environmentally Friendly

Kit homes have a small carbon footprint as the construction time is so quick while steel frames are made from completely recyclable steel with minimal waste during production. Because of the steel framing, kit homes and granny flats are ideal in cyclonic or earth quake prone areas.

No.8 More Choice

With kit homes and granny flats you can choose from supply only to full turnkey solutions and there are various cladding options available like brick, plasterboard, concrete panels and render. Our building kits are packed in building order and supplied with instructions, engineering plans and floor plans for easy assembly by the DIY owner builder or the contractor.

No.9 Investment

Kit Homes are a great investment as they not only retain their value incredibly well but also have lower ongoing maintenance costs than traditional homes and they can provide a passive income through rental income.

No.10 Sloping Sites

Kit Homes are not restricted by sloping sites because they are made of steel framing that can be customized to the owners’ needs.

Westkey is a leading Kit Home provider in WA and they take care to listen to and educate their clients on the best options available to you, your budget and your needs.

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