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Safety – Always a Priority

At Westkey safety isn’t about a set of policies or a compliance issue.

Safety is ingrained in every aspect of the business and the key focus is to provide the safest portable buildings for remote mining and construction camps.

Westkey mining camps are engineered to be durable and withstand WA’s severe weather conditions in the North West. All their portable buildings carry a minimum cyclone rating of Region D, Category 2 for single and two-storey structures.

Structures important to the continued running of the mining camp during extreme weather conditions are manufactured to Importance Level 4 (IL4). These buildings can be used as cyclone shelters and locked down until any danger has passed.

Westkey also custom build and erect on-site mining camps, modular and transportable buildings to client needs.

Only ABCB (Australian Building Codes Board) certified equipment is used and structures are certified and reviewed by independent structural engineers.

ABCB equipment includes:
  • Class 4 Fasteners (AS3566) for external use in marine and moderately severe corrosive environments
  • Building systems certified to meet AS1170.2 (Structural Design Action Part 2 Wind Action AS4055) Wind Load for housing – this encompasses roof and wall paneling along with window treatments
IL4 Structures
  • Kitchen/Dining/Mess areas
  • First Aid/Training centres
  • Communication centres
  • Gate Houses
  • EPCM Offices
  • Administration buildings

These structures provide quality work space when not in use and serve as a secure lock down facility when required.

Westkey IL4 Structure Benefits
  • Modular and transportable
  • Practical, comfortable and cost effective
  • Part of existing camp infrastructure
  • Custom built to client requirements
  • Remove the need to evacuate large numbers from site
  • Production can recommence quicker after danger has passed

Westkey is committed to working with clients to achieve a positive outcome in a zero harm environment.

A clear understanding of clients’ needs, total control over the design and manufacture of structures coupled with a company culture of safety and quality ensures they consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

OHS and Environmental Policies

Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policies and Procedures are implemented throughout the company and on all construction sites.

An OHSE Management Plan following Worksafe WA guidelines has been developed to encourage a company culture of adherence and participation in safety issues.

Where required, on-site personnel undergo safety, environmental and other site induction measures as stipulated by the client.

These procedures represent a significant investment by the company towards the goal of zero Lost Time Injuries. This has been achieved for the last four years.

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